Five Words To Describe Cats

Family and Their CatEarlier this week, I read an article that stated the high number of people that dislike cats.  Being an equal lover of both cats and dogs, I was distressed to read the statistics and decided to do some informal research on the subject.

I polled ten people with various perspectives: dog owners, cat owners and those that don’t own pets.  They were asked to give five words to describe their view of cats, here are some of the responses I got:

Cat People responded with words like:  calming, hilarious, snuggly, intelligent, playful, independent, loving, friendly and cute.

Dog People responded with words like:  independent, clingy, quiet, smelly (litterbox), allergies, sneaky, cute, roaming, and adaptable.

Responses from those that don’t own any pets included:  sneaky, loner, allergies, aloof, loyal, furry, and purr.

In reviewing the feedback, those that own dogs or don’t have any pets held the common belief cats are sneaky and cause allergies.  Not very good news for cats hoping to find permanent homes!

There are many funny pictures and videos online of cats, as a matter of fact cats tend to rule the web, but I wonder if some of the humor we distribute feeds the negative perceptions many people have regarding cats.

I haven’t always considered myself a “cat person”, but as I tell those I meet that say they don’t like cat it’s simply a matter of not yet meeting the right cat.

Looking for some feedback, what five words would you use to describe cats? What do you think would help change the public image for cats?



Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.

2 Responses to "Five Words To Describe Cats"

  1. What would help changing the public image of cats is people being educated. If they already don’t like cats they probably don’t wish to be educated about them but I think the education could and should start in elementary school.

    Also…if people read more about cats and spent TIME with cats that could help to dispel some myths.

    My five words: intuitive, intelligent, calming, loving, FUN!

    1. I definitely agree about spending time with/getting to know cats being a big help.

      The one word that came up more than any other was “sneaky”. In my experience, my dog is usually much sneakier than my cat 🙂

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