Karen Harrison and Fully Feline’s mission is to enhance the bond cat guardians have with their feline companions through education, humor and sharing of ideas with other cat owners.

The origins of Fully Feline date back to 2002, when our publisher, Karen Harrison, adopted her first cat ever, Bo.  Karen had always considered herself a “dog person” but when she met Bo, she came to realize all of the great things that come with sharing a home with a feline.

Bo passed away in 2011, but his legacy lives on in Fully Feline.  He helped Karen realize that cats are great pet citizens, not the aloof, uncooperative creatures they’ve often been portrayed as, but rather beings with great humor, compassion and love to give their people.

We are working to change the perception of cats for those that consider themselves “dog people” because they just haven’t met the right cat yet.