5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas Your Cat Will Love

eco-friendly gifts

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I cringe to think about this, but Christmas is only about two months away!  Are you one of those people that likes to get holiday shopping done way ahead of time? When shopping for a gift for your feline friend, we have these five eco-friendly gift ideas for cats:

Eco-Friendly Gift 1: The Ripple Rug

The Ripple Rug provides a variety of activities for cats: A bed and play area to pounce or sleep on the ripples or inside the tunnels. It can be moved and reconfigured to add to the fun. The Ripple Rug has a rubber backing to keep it in place while your cat is playing.

Made in the USA using 100% recycled bottles, the Ripple Rug is safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly!

Eco-Friendly Gift 2: PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher

eco friendly gifts

This is one of Marty’s favorites!  The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher is rather pricey ($49.95 on Amazon) but it’s worth it.  The scratcher is very substantial, well made, and quite large. It has a cardboard scratching surface, when one side is used, turn it over for a new scratching surface.  The cutouts have the same scratching surface as well. Marty likes to lay on it as the cat is doing above.

One of these scratchers lasts a year for Marty.  I usually buy him a new one as his Christmas gift.  This is a great investment for cats that love to scratch and prefer a cardboard surface.

Eco-Friendly Gift 3: LePet Raised Cat Feeder

The LePet Raised Cat Feeder is made of eco-friendly bamboo.  It  includes four dishwasher safe bowls: 2 stainless steel and 2 ceramic.  Attractive and well-made it fit in with any decor.

eco friendly gift

Eco-Friendly Gift 4: Auntie Em “Box” Bed

The “box” bed is a square, so it gives cats the feeling of being supported on all sides.  Beds are handmade by our friends at Auntie Em Creations using recycled fabric.

One aspect that’s great about them is they’re reversible. When there’s a spill, or one side gets covered in cat hair, turn it inside out for a fresh surface.  There’s no removable cover to worry about when the bed needs washed, simply throw the bed in the washer.

It’s roomy and super comfy for your feline friend.  They come in a variety of fun prints, too.

Here’s a picture of Marty enjoying his Box Bed:

eco-friendly gift

Eco-Friendly Gift 5: Eco Pouncer

The Eco-Pouncer from Honest Pet Products is a toy all-natural materials.  Not only does this toy provide hours of entertainment for your cat, but a portion of sales is used to help impoverished families in Mongolia, and help preserve the snow leopard population.

eco-friendly giftYour cat would be happy to find any of these gifts waiting for him on Christmas morning!







Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.

20 Responses to "5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas Your Cat Will Love"

  1. The LePet Raised Cat feeder is adorable! I love that it includes stainless steel and ceramic bowls. It would be so easy to drop one set in the dishwasher and still have the other set for use. Thank you! Doodle kisses and tail wags.

  2. These are great gift ideas for Christmas or even a birthday! I know my girls always loved their scratching posts. There are so many elegant looking designs nowadays.

    1. Yes, but it will be here much too soon. I usually wait too late to post gift ideas, so when I saw the list of post ideas from B-Paws, I decided to publish this, give people a heads up on what’s available.

  3. All of these gift ideas look fantastic, but the Pet Fusion Cat Scratcher has gorgeous design as well. I could see cats loving to scratch from different angles and taking some soothing naps on top of the scratcher as well. Well worth that price for a year of eco-enjoyment!

    1. They’re really well made, but they are pretty big. I got one for Marty a couple of months ago when there was a special. They may seem pricey, but definitely worth the cost


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