6 Comments Cat Lovers Hate

cat lovers

I am a dog owner and dog lover. Cats have always intrigued me, however, from their aloof behaviors to their strong sense of independence. I have learned that there are certain things cat lovers do not like to hear if you wish to remain friends with them.

At any rate, whenever I have been in the presence of my cat-loving family and friends, I have learned that certain commentary is best left unsaid.

Here are six comments cat lovers hate:

“How can you stand having a cat (or more than just one cat)?   Doesn’t your house always smell like a litter box?”

From what I have learned, cat owners either become nose-blind to the smell or they lean towards the opposite end and worry about what guests might smell when they come over. With so many great litter box products on the market, those typical smells that used to create an assault on the senses can be greatly reduced.  So, no….cat litter box smell is not a dominating scent within the home.

“Dogs are better than cats.” 

Those are fighting words if I ever heard any.  Dogs are dogs and cats are cats, each unique in their own ways. However, it is possible to get along and simply respect that both creatures have amazing attributes.

“Are you ever going to declaw your cat?”

To many cat owners, that inquiry would be akin to asking a parent about vaccinating their children.  Some countries have banned declawing, and some states in the US are considering doing the same. Dog owners have their own issues…. how many cats have you seen chew up a shoe? Just sayin’!

“Don’t you get sick of all of the hair everywhere?”

Gross!!!  Again, when you love a child, the poop, pee and vomit are part of the loving territory. The same goes for the hair of a cat. It’s a minor inconvenience.

“I despise cats.”

Why is it that people who dislike cats have the need to vocalize that sentiment?  You rarely hear someone say, “I hate dogs.”  I have come to learn over the years that cats come with a certain amount of class and distinction that is often lost on dogs. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good canine, but I have also come to respect cats for what they bring to the table.

“Look at her…that lady across the street with a gazillion cats! What a crazy cat lady!”

Oh, yeah…what about the gal over yonder who is harboring a half dozen dogs?  Believe it or not, some perfectly well-adjusted people can have a huge heart of compassion for animals.


I’ve learned people often dislike what they don’t understand.  When we cat lovers hear any of the comments above, the first tendency may be to go off on the person that said it. The next time you hear someone utter one of the comments above, educate them.

Take it as a little challenge to convert a “non-cat” person into a cat lover!



Written by Ann Butenas

Ann Butenas

An internationally-recognized author and writer, Ann began her professional writing career at age 12 and began speaking while in college. She has been published thousands of times over the past three decades in all media forms, was former editor and publisher of KC Metro Woman magazine, and has also hosted three talk radio shows in the Kansas City area.