Animal March Madness: Crowning The Next “Big” Animal

Here at Fully Feline, we’ll admit to being partial to cats, but we also admire others in the animal kingdom.  With that in mind, we wanted to share the cool event we found on

The site decided to put their own spin on March Madness by doing running a tournament, Animal March Madness, to find the next “big” animal.  All the well-known and popular animals like cats and dogs have been excluded to give some other cute, but not as well-known animals a chance to win.

There are four brackets:  Australia, Big Dudes, America and Grab Bag with four animal cuties in each bracket.  Contenders include:  Sugar gliders, alpacas, polar bears and red pandas.

Buzzfeed writers will be doing write-ups on the animals in the running to showcase why that animal should be tournament winner.  After the posts are written, readers, like us, will have a chance to vote for their favorite.

The website will be updated as the tournament progresses to show which animals move forward and which will be crowned the winner.  I’ve posted a picture of the tournament brackets so you can get a headstart on picking your favorites.

Round one match-ups are on the site now.  Keep watching for Animal March Madness match-ups and other updates on this cool event!

Animal March Madness

Written by Karen


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