Black Cat Trivia

black cat

Today is National Black Cat Day. This special day was established to honor the greatness that is the black cat, and dispel long held incorrect assumptions about them.

Here are some black cat facts I found on you may not be aware of:


In Europe, poor, lonely women often fed alley cats. When witch hysteria hit, many of these homeless women were accused of witchcraft. Their feline companions (especially black ones) were deemed guilty by association.

Egyptians owned black cats as a way to court goddess Bast’s favor, since believed the goddess Bast took the form of a black cat.


The black fur gene is recessive, so a cat must carry two copies of it to be black.

Scientists found genetic mutations among several different kinds of cats that caused them to be black, meaning they are favored in nature.

The mutations that cause the black color in cats also affects a gene related to one that is resistant to HIV in humans.

The Bombay is the only cat breed considered exclusively black. Although they may appear in either gender, black coats are more prevalent in male cats.

Black cats often have gold colored eyes due to an excess amount of melanin in their bodies.


The British believe that a black cat will bring its owner good luck. Encountering one accidentally, however, brings bad luck.

Fishermen’s wives on Britain’s Yorkshire coast believed owning a black cat would keep their husbands safe at sea.

Scottish lore states that a black cat spotted on your porch will bring you prosperity.


The black cats I’ve had the privilege of knowing are all characters.  They are proud of who they are and cannot understand why all humans would not be in awe of them.

Do you have a black cat as part of your family?  What’s been your most memorable black cat experience?

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.