Bo Remembered: Life With My Soul Kitty


When I look at memories Facebook shows me periodically, sometimes it’s a happy memory, sometimes not.  Mine for today announced the passing of my soul kitty, Bo, six years ago today.

In The Beginning

I’d never had a pet before Bo. Growing up, I always loved animals and often asked for a pet, but my parents always said no. So, in 2002, once I had my own house, divorced and living alone, I decided it was time to add a pet to my family.

At the time I was a corporate being, working the 8-5, climb the corporate ladder life.  So, even though I’d always fancied myself a dog person, I decided a cat might be the better choice for my lifestyle.

The PetSmart near me had weekly adoption events, so when Saturday rolled around, I went to see what cats were there waiting to be adopted. I found several nice cats, but none that I seemed to have the right connection with, so I decided to think on it and go back the next day.

When I arrived the next day, there were cats there that hadn’t been there the day before, the first kennel I saw was Bo.  I big, beautiful senior (the tag had him listed as 8 years old) orange and white tabby boy.  He locked onto me, started talking to me and wouldn’t stop.  At that point I knew I couldn’t leave without him, and he came home with me that day.

Routine Life For Bo and Me

We settled into our routine.  Bo would always be at the door to greet me when I got home from work, ready for his dinner.  We’d have some play time, and Bo would come sit by me to watch TV.

As I mentioned, Bo was quite the talkative boy.  When asked what time he wanted dinner, his response…….”now!”  He was quite the host, too, always greeting visitors to the house in his chatty little voice.

In his special way, he seemed to know when I needed comfort the most, sitting close to me or on my lap.  I would ask him to hold my hand, and he would extend his paw, wrap it around my finger, then pull my hand toward him to make me feel better.

In 2007, I had a serious health problem that was going to eventually require surgery.  I felt bad most of the time, and Bo would come lay beside me offering whatever comfort he could.

I underwent surgery in 2008.  When I returned home from the hospital, Bo was not feeling well, it was so though he took on my health problems himself.

It turned out that Bo had hypothyroidism, a condition that can affect older cats. He went on medication to control the symptoms, but by the latter part of 2010, it was obvious that was something else going on with him.

As I learned, cats can develop kidney failure as a result of the hypothyroidism treatment, and that’s what happened to my Bo.  I took him to the vet’s for subcutaneous fluids daily.  He stayed at the vet’s for treatment and monitoring for a couple of days while I took care of work obligations.

Life After Bo

I received an early morning call from the vet telling me Bo was not doing well, and that I should get there as soon as possible.  On the way to the vet’s office, I prayed Bo would be waiting for me.  I  told Bo to wait for me if he could, but if he couldn’t, it would be ok, I understood.

When I arrived, I found out Bo had passed away a few minutes before.  My heart was broken.

It’s been six years since he left, but I still miss him all the time.  He taught me how special, and how loving, cats can be.  I will be forever grateful to him for the lessons he taught me.  I started this site,, as my memorial to him.

Every year on this day I am sad that Bo isn’t here with me. I always smile at the great time we had together, and how lucky I was that he picked me all those years ago!

Rest well, my sweet boy, until I see you again……..

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.