Caru Soft ‘n Tasty Cat Treats: Product Review

Caru Treats Product Review

Marty recently taste tested Caru Soft ‘n Tasty Baked Bites (Chicken Recipe).  The word Caru means “to love” in Welsh.  The company was inspired by a dog named Karu who suffered from recurring health problems.

Company Background

Company founders, Pamela and Adrian Pettyan, began cooking for their dog, Karu, because of her recurring ear infections.

They both had health care backgrounds, and couldn’t understand why pet food products at local stores weren’t as good as what could make at home.

Collaborating with an accomplished animal Ph.D. nutritionist, the Pettyans created a line of meals and treats comparable to homemade food.

Caru Soft ‘n Tasty Treats

caruThe treats we received came in a 3 ounce resealable pouch.  Each treat is relatively small and crunchy.  Ingredients are natural, non-GMO (really like this!), grain free, with no wheat, gluten or soy. None of the ingredients are sourced from China.

These treats have chicken as the first ingredient.  Other ingredients include: chickpeas, chicken liver, chicken brother, fish oil, dried cultured skim milk and beet molasses.

They are produced in small batches and are naturally preserved.  caruBecause of this, it is recommended to use contents within 45 days of opening the bag.

Marty’s Review

Disclosure: I received this product free of charge. This in no way affected my review. I share only products I feel would be of interest to our readers

Marty was very interested in the bag when I set it down, as you can see he did a thorough investigation before actually taste testing.

He gave the treats two paws up, and always came running when he heard the bag rattle.  Marty was so in favor of the them he tried to grab them out of my hand when I was setting up to take a picture of him with the treats!

My Review

I was impressed with the attention to quality in these Caru treats.  Since the company founders saw firsthand the difference a high quality diet can make for pets, the ingredients are carefully selected.

When you look at the list of ingredients, they’re recognizable.  Often, I’ve looked at ingredients and only recognized a few as actual food items vs. chemicals.

In reviewing products, I observe Marty’s reaction, and he loved these treats!  He’s a treat connoisseur, and Marty says these are a winner!

Another aspect of these treats I appreciate is the packaging.  The treats come in smaller bags that take up less space in landfills.

I felt comfortable feeding these treats to Marty and would definitely recommend them to those looking for healthy treats for their cat.

Caru Soft ‘n Tasty Treats are also available in Salmon flavor. They company also offers a complete line of dog food and treats.

Their products are available at specific pet product retailers and some online retailers.  To learn more about Caru, go to




Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.