Cat Breeds: Five Kid-Friendly Breeds

Has your child been begging you to add a kitty to the family? Research has shown that Cat Breedschildren who grow up with pets develop enhanced communication and social skills and are usually more out going than their pet-less counterparts.  They also tend to demonstrate more empathy and compassion towards other people and other animals.

Here are five cat breeds that are known for interacting well with children and active lifestyles:

  • The Siamese cat. This cat is very social and active and loves to romp and play with the kids. He will even try to communicate with everyone and become an integral part of the family.
  • Egyptian Mau. A descendant of a breed that loved to hunt, this playful cat will enjoy engaging in a game of hide and seek with your children as its fun “prey.”
  • Norwegian Forest Cat. This multi-faceted cat loves to relax and observe while the family tends to its various duties, but when it is time to turn up the volume on fun and play, then it’s game on for this fun-loving cat!  Adaptable to new people and situations, you rarely have to worry about it becoming frightened when introduced to new people and environments.  This cat also loves to cuddle!
  • Tokinese.  Highly affectionate and social, this breed is quite active without being hyper active. He will delight and entertain with his various antics and acrobatic moves throughout the house. He also loves to engage you in dialogue…so be sure to listen and pay attention.  Not one to savor being alone for long periods of time, consider getting two of these cats if your family is away a lot.
  • Somali. This is one of the most playful cat breeds. He loves to romp and play and will always be at your side, whether doing a school project or washing the dishes. He even loves to get into cabinets and drawers. Dexterous by nature, he may even learn how to open them himself!

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Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.