Cat Breeds: The Turkish Angora

Turkish AngoraThe Turkish Angora is an ancient cat breed, with its origin dating back to the 1400’s.  The breed comes from the Ankara, Turkey area and made it’s way to Europe via exporting during the Renaissance.  In the 1940’s the Turkish government, in partnership with the Ankara Zoo began a program to preserve the traditional all-white Angoras.  An American couple bought two of the zoo’s Angoras in 1962 and brought them to the U.S.

Turkish Angora Characteristics

This is a small to medium size breed with a long, graceful body and long pointed tail.  Although the breed became known as all-white, there are now many colors and patterns.  The Angora’s coat is medium-long and silky.  They don’t shed excessively, so a weekly brushing should be enough to keep his coat looking its best.

Turkish Angora Personality

This is a high energy breed and needs to be kept busy.  If he doesn’t have enough to keep him busy, he will create his own entertainment.  Angoras have a sense of humor and are quite assertive and very intelligent.  They are great for families with children.  Because of their intelligence, it’s important to give them things to do that will challenge them mentally.  Puzzle toys and other toys he can chase will keep his mind busy.  Angoras also like to be up high, so a cat tree will satisfy his need for height in addition to some physical exercise.

Angoras are dog and cat friendly, but do demand attention from their humans.

Turkish Angoras are also known for being good swimmers, so don’t be surprised if they jump into the shower, tub or pool with you.

Turkish Angora Health

This breed is quite healthy.  The main health issue is deafness in all-white blue-eyed Angoras.  For those with only one blue eye, they may be deaf in one ear.

If you’re looking for a sociable, affectionate, very intelligent and active cat, definitely check out the Turkish Angora!


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