Cat Care: What NOT To Do

cat care 

You know the basics of loving cat care – feed her, comfort her and basically worship her – there are a few things you should NEVER do to your cat.

Free Roaming The Outdoor World

Allowing cats to go outside is an often debated topic among cat guardians. If your cat goes outside, consider using a harness or leash and make sure you are at her side at all times.  Another option is a catio, setting up an enclosed area that gives your cat the outdoor experience without the perils of actually roaming outside.  The latest book by Jackson Galaxy, Catify To Satisfy, offers some great ideas for creating cat-friendly spaces.  The book is available from Amazon, click here to order

Resist the temptation to keep your windows open. You just never know when a bird might fly by and your cat might take an unexpected leap to get at it. Such enthusiasm could loosen the screen and cause it to become dislodged, thereby making your cat fall through the window. If you are not at home when this happens, hours could go by before you realize your cat is hurt or missing…or worse! Make sure your screens are sturdy and limit window openings to just an inch or two.

Carrier-Free Car Travel

Even though your cat may have a great disdain for riding in a fully-secured pet carrier while in the car, resist the urge to assuage her feelings by holding her in your lap while you drive. This could result in catastrophe (no pun intended!). She could distract you, and if an accident occurs, she is nothing more than a fur-covered missile which has disaster written all over it.  Keep her confined to the pet carrier. You will both be happier in the long run…and safer.

Pushing Off Counters

Cats love to jump onto counter tops, especially when something mouth-watering is going on in the cooking zone. Don’t just push or shove her off the counter. That’s just mean spirited. It can harm her both physically and emotionally. Instead, treat her with the gentle respect she deserves and more than likely she will return the favor in kind by positively responding to your wishes in the future.

Skipping Vet Visits

Don’t skip out on regular visits to the vet. While she may seem healthy and fine, your furry feline is a master at deceit and can conceal certain ailments and compensate for others. Subtle health shifts, from poor vision to kidney problems, are best identified by routine check-ups from your veterinarian. An annual exam can pinpoint small issues before they become bigger ones down the road.

Not Helping Eliminate Hairballs

Hate hairballs? Then lend your cat a hand.  We know cats are innate groomers of themselves and are constantly capturing loose hair with their tongues, which is then swallowed and ultimately hacked up in those annoying fur balls that you have to clean up.  No, your cat does not enjoy this and those fur balls can actually cause intestinal distress. So lend a hand in the grooming process to minimize the fur your cat ingests. Frequent hairballs, by the way, can point to gastrointestinal disease, so if this is a concern of yours with your cat, be sure to speak with your veterinarian immediately.

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Written by Ann Butenas

Ann Butenas

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