Cat Halloween Fun: Gifts To Treat Your Feline Friend & Yourself

Halloween is a scary time for most cats.  Strangers ringing the doorbell, dressed in creepy costumes.  To keep cats safe, it’s best to keep them inside.  We’ve decided that’s a bummer, so Marty and I found some items to boost the cat Halloween fun and get our living space ready!

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cat halloween


Cat Halloween Toys

I’m a huge fan of Yeowww! catnip toys. They’re sturdy, well-made and the catnip drives most cats I know crazy!  If your cat is a nip fanatic, I highly recommend the Yeowww Halloween Pumpkin Catnip Toy (pictured above, upper left).

All cats like options, especially when it comes to toys, so a couple of other great Halloween toy options are the Imperial Cat Candy Corn Catnip Toy (pictured above, lower right) and the Ghost Catnip Toy (also from Imperial Cat). Made in the USA and filled with certified organic catnip, these toys are sure to provide loads of fun.

Halloween Themed Scratcher

Does your cat head to his scratcher for stress relief?  If so, then this Halloween Bat Cat Scratcher (pictured lower left above)  will be a good choice. The scratching area is made of sisal, and the bat wings and eyes are felt.

Cat Halloween Collars

Generally speaking, cats hate being dressed in Halloween costumes.  An alternative that gives them a chance to show some Halloween flair is a themed collar.

We found a few options, like the Puptek Set of Breakaway Halloween Collars (pictured above, upper right).  This one has six different designs which makes it a good option for a multicat household, or gives a single cat multiple looks to change out (available on 10/4).

Halloween Decor

The items above are designed to get your cat in the Halloween spirit, but it’s also fun to add some decor to get your living space ready. Check out these cat-themed throw pillows available from our new Fully Feline Shop. The Meoween kitty (pillow size 18 x 18) is too cute to be scary, but he’s definitiely in the market for some treats!

Vampurr (pillow size 20x 12) is one of the nice ones, friendly, but not one to suck your blood! Just interested in Halloween goodies!

Both include pillow insert. Covers are removable and machine washable.They’re available our online shop
cat halloween


Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.