Cat Poem: “The Melting Pot”

Periodically, we feature a cat poem written by Teresa Harrison-Best.  This cat poem would’ve been a good fit for National Cat Day, which was observed on October 29th, but here at Fully Feline, we believe EVERY day is National Cat Day.  Check out Teresa’s poem below:cat poem

The Melting Pot

Whether ginger, white or tabby
you’re beautiful, you’re great!
Pedigree or moggy
we never could overstate.

Tortoiseshell, or black and white,

you cats are just superb,
fluffy, furry purring things
with every kind of verb.

Black as soot, or grey as slate,
we love you as you are.
Old or young it makes no odds
you’re still the leading star!

Siamese or Tonkinese
or cats from alleyways.
Homely souls that love a lap
and all the lovely strays.

Blotchy cats or stripy ones,
cats from foreign shores.
British Blues or Timbuktoo
for everyone adores.

Bouncy ones or flouncy ones,
timorous or reserved.
Tom’s who have a dodgy past,
our love for you, deserved.

Scatty kits or lazy mogs
you melt our hearts as well.
Cats who use a litter tray
we’ll put up with the smell!!

Finicky, pernickety, pussycats,
or hungry, greedy, boys,
still we love you all the same
it’s part of feline joys.

So every cat that walks this earth
we want you all to know,
you leave your mark upon our heart
so please don’t ever go!!!!

For more poems by Teresa Harrison-Best, go to , also check out her Facebook page,

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.