Cat Poem: The Vets’ Is Our Best Friend

The following cat poem was submitted to our Facebook page by Teresa Harrison-Best, author of the new book Catawall. cat poem

The Vets’ Is Our Best Friend!
(The Saga Of Many Cats)
I’ve really been in the wars of late,
the Vet is my best friend.
Thirteen times I’ve paid him calls,
it’s becoming quite a trend.

First I had an injured tail,
I caught it in the gate.
Now it has a funny kink,
I just can’t get it straight.

Then I tumbled of the shed,
and sprained my left front paw.
The veterinary checked it out,
and now it’s not so sore.

My eye became infected,
so I went to see our vet.
He tried to give me nasty drops,
and he got more than he bet!

Next, was some trouble down below,
so he had a little prod.
I cuffed round the head so fast,
then bit him in his quad.

We also had to go for jabs,
and worming tablets too.
The notion that I need all that,
just strikes me as untrue.

So then a visit for my teeth,
he said they were decayed.
Extractions were now on the cards,
and should not be delayed.

With that he starved me overnight,
such an appalling carry on.
I woke up with great gapping holes,
as umpteen teeth were gone!

My person seems to moan a lot,
about her mounting bill.
It’s not as if I like to go,
and it’s never with goodwill!

So when she phones the vet next time,
she really needs to think.
Am I really all that ill,
or am I in the pink ?!

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Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.