Cat Product Review: Catit® Grooming Kit

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I was recently contacted to do a cat product review for the new Catit Grooming Kit and was excited to check it out.

There are two options available, one for long-haired cats and one for short-haired cats.  Since my cat Marty is short-haired, this review covers that version of the set.

Grooming Kit Contents

The Catit Grooming Kit (for short-haired cats) includes:

  • Rubber Palm Brush to remove loose hair and massage the skin.
  • Metal Slicker Brush to remove loose hair, dandruff and tangles.
  • Fine Grooming Comb the hard-to-reach and sensitive areas.
  • Nylon Slicker Brush for detangling and smoothing the coat.
  • Nail Clippers for trimming cat nails.

The set comes in an attractive hard plastic container with designated foam slots to store each grooming tool.  This keeps them organized and easy to find when in the middle of grooming.


If you’re like me, you usually don’t have a spot to put the hair you clean out of the brush/comb when grooming your cat.  Catit came up with a nice solution.

The lid for the grooming kit doubles as a receptacle for hair, just empty it when the groom session is done.  It holds quite a bit of hair, so would work well if you live in a multi cat household.

cat product review

The tools are sturdy and well made.  The brushes and comb have gripper handles to make them easier to work with while grooming your cat.  Handles are a nice size and are easy to grip even if you have smaller hands (like I do).

Nail clippers have a rubber gripper to help secure your grip as you’re clipping the nails.

Although Marty enjoyed being groomed with all the tools, the rubber palm brush was his favorite.  He enjoys a massage while being brushed, and this brush did not disappoint!   The massage nubs are very flexible, provide a great massage for your cat, and the brush is very easy to clean.

I appreciate having all the tools needed to keep Marty looking his best together in one organized place.  When not using the kit, pop the lid on and it has a clean, neat appearance.


A down side I found to the grooming kit is the fact the container top is not hinged to the base, so when carrying the kit, it is important to hold it by the bottom.

The kit is great for a single cat household, or one with only short-haired or only long-haired cats.  I see a problem, though, for households that have both long and short-haired cats.  They would probably need to purchase separate kits to handle the needs of each.


If you’re looking for a convenient solution for your cat’s grooming needs, Marty and I highly recommend this product!  I’m all about convenience and good design and this kit hits both aspects very well.

Both the long haired and short-haired versions are available from

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.