Cat Psychology: Cats Need Time Out Too

On Saturday’s episode of My Cat From Hell (7 p.m. Central on Animal Planet), one segment dealt with Mufasa, a cat that was disrupting her people’s household and in particular their wedding planning.

After observing and being pretty scratched up by Mufasa, star of the show Jackson Galaxy came to some conclusions about how to bring order to the house and calm Mufasa.  One thing Jackson observed was that there was often negative energy between Mufasa and her people, they were literally scared to death in their own home.  Cats are very intuitive and pick up on negative vibes very easily.  When she sensed the bad energy, Mufasa would try to find a safe place to hide.  That was a problem, there wasn’t a place Mufasa could retreat to easily and feel safe.

As with many cats, Mufasa also liked to climb, but the house was small and didn’t afford many climbing places for her.  She’d taken to climbing the ladder up to the bed, not acceptable to her owners.  After seeing this, Jackson instructed the couple to build Mufasa a climbing wall to give her a special place to climb other than the ladder.  The couple did so by getting a step ladder and putting some rocks on it, then placed it by a big window so Mufasa could see outside.

To give Mufasa a safe “time out’ place when she felt stressed, the couple reconfigured their closet and made room on the closet floor for a cat bed for Mufasa.

After taking these steps, Mufasa and her people got along great!

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Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.