Cat Stories: Colby The College Cat Wannabe

Cat storiesThis cat story begins with a Texas-based college diploma mill called Trinity Southern University (TSU).  The college was supposedly located in Plano, Texas but TSU didn’t really exist.  Enter Colby the Cat, who was part of a sting that took the scam down.

In 2004, the Pennsylvania State Attorney learned of TSU and their methods of selling online college degrees through unsolicited emails.  The State Attorney’s office set up the sting using a fictitious student named Colby Nolan.  Their emails stated Colby was interested in obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and he will willing to pay $299 for the degree.

When they received the TSU application, they completed it with information that wouldn’t have qualified Colby for a GED, let alone a bachelor’s degree.  The application stated Colby had completed three community college courses, worked at a fast food restaurant and had a paper route.  TSU administrators sent a response that Colby’s work experience would qualify him for a master’s degree at a cost of $399.

Colby Nolan was actually Colby the Cat, a six-year-old black cat that belonged to one of the State Attorney’s staffers.  The office received an official looking sheepskin with signatures from TSU’s president and dean.  After paying another $99, they received Colby’s transcripts, showing he had a GPA of 3.5!

This was enough to complete the sting, and Colby’s true identity was revealed.  He posed for the press wearing a graduation cap.  Criminal charges were filed against those associated with TSU and their website was taken offline shortly thereafter.

All thanks to Colby The College Cat!

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Story Source:  100 Cats Who Changed Civilization by Sam Stall

Written by Karen


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