Cat Stories: Famous Felines You May Not’ve Heard Of

Cat lovers know felines are quite exceptional, and these cat stories help bring that point home.  Check them out below:cat stories

  • Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s cat Sizi was his prize possession.  If Schweitzer was working and Sizi happened to fall asleep on his arm, he wouldn’t use that arm until Sizi moved of her own accord.
  • Hypoallergenic cats were produced by a company called Allerca.  The hypoallergenic felines were genetically engineered to suppress a secretion that aggravates allergies.
  • Tama was the first mass-produced robotic cat, created in Japan in 2000.  Tama had pressure sensors that were able to detect to petting and react to it.
  • White Heather was an Angora cat and was Queen Victoria’s favorite.  White Heather outlived the queen and became the property of Victoria’s son King Edward VII
  • Slippers belonged to President Theodore Roosevelt.  During a state banquet, a crowd of diplomats had to walk around Slippers, who’d fallen asleep in the hallway.
  • Micetto was a large tabby cat born in the Vatican who became the favorite pet of Pope Leo XII.  It is said that Micetto would hide in the pope’s robes while the pope was holding court.
  • Tom Kitten belonged to Caroline Kennedy.  As it turned out, Caroline was allergic to Tom and he found a new home.  At an auction of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ estate, a framed picture of Tom sold for $13,000.
  • The grave of the first known domestic cat was discovered on the island of Cyprus by French archeologists. The grave was believed to be 9,500 years old, and is near the resting place of its human master.
  • Myobu No Omoto, the favored cat of Japanese Emperor Ichijo (980-1011) was so loved that the Emperor imprisoned the owner of a dog that dared to chase Myobu.

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Source:  100 Cats Who Changed Civilization by Sam Stall

Photo Source:, User Beliv22

Written by Karen


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