Cat Trivia: 9 Unusual Cat Facts To Share

Sometimes it’s fun to just take a break from the more serious issues (whether about cats or about life in general!) and dabble in some intriguing – cat trivia. As my grandma used to say, “If you can learn something new every day, then you have had a productive day.”

cat trivia

So, here’s to my opportunity (or challenge!) to make your day extremely productive!  Let me share with you some interesting tid bits about our feline friends. You may already know some of these, or this might be news to you. In either case, enjoy this sampling of cat trivia!

Cat Trivia Fact 1-My, What Big Eyes You Have!

cat trivia
Because they evolved for low-light hunting, cat’s eyes are proportionally huge. The size of their eyes makes focusing between near and far quite challenging, and as a result, the related muscles develop with an environmental bias. Outdoor cats tend to be farsighted and indoor cats tend to be nearsighted. Because their eyes are so large, cats cannot focus on anything less than a foot away from them. However, their whiskers can swing forward to “see” what they cannot see.

Cat Trivia Fact 2-Where Is Your Taste?

cat trivia
Sure, cats rely upon their whiskers to get them around, but they also possess a keen sense of smell. However, when it comes to a sense of taste, cats are somewhat lacking in that regard. As one of the few mammals that lack taste receptors for sweetness, they are missing out on some pretty good stuff!

Cat Trivia Fact 3-Cats and Sailors: Why They’ve Been A Team

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Cats and sailors have a long-standing relationship. They have been kept on ships for ages, not only for rodent control but also for good luck.

Cat Trivia Fact 4-Why Cats Graze


cat trivia
Your cat’s ancestors were solitary hunters of small prey. Dogs, on the other hand, descended from ancestors who hunted for large game in packs. This explains why the canine-kind gulps down a meal with barely a taste while the feline-kind prefers to snack and graze throughout the day, consuming several smaller meals.

Cat Trivia Fact 5-OK, I Know You’re Here Somewhere


cat trivia
The vomeronasal organ in cats can readily detect even the smallest of chemical clues in their environments, which can help them determine the proximity and status of other cats.

Cat Trivia Fact 6-Cats Can Survive On Salt Water



cat trivia
While it is common knowledge that salt water can dehydrate humans, cats can drink sea water in order to survive. Thanks to those crazy kidneys of theirs, they can filter out the salt from the water so they can effectively hydrate themselves.

Cat Trivia Fact 7-Cats Need A Lot of Sleep

cat trivia
If you own a cat, you know that sleeping is not only necessary, but also an art form. Lazy they are not! Cats need a great deal of energy to hunt or pounce on their toys.

Cat Trivia Fact 8-Every Cat’s Nose Is Unique

cat trivia
Just like humans have unique fingerprints, cats have unique nose prints. Just take a look at your cat’s nose. It has multiple tiny bumps and ridges, all of which are unique to your cat.

Cat Trivia Fact 9-Heights Don’t Bother Them

cat trivia
While most of us are naturally afraid of heights, cats rule in this regard. During a fall, cats can prepare their bodies to adjust and survive, giving them time to decelerate along the way. As such, the death rates are actually higher for cats that fall from a two to six-story building as opposed to a seven to 32-story building. Interesting, huh? Natural sky divers, they are!


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Written by Ann Butenas

Ann Butenas

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