Cat Trivia: Little Known Jobs For Cats

I’m a cat trivia fan, so when I found this item about little known jobs for cats, thought it would be fun to Little Known Jobs For Catsshare.

  • Astrocats.  There have only been two cats that made flights into space.  The Soviet Union sent dogs, mice, monkeys, and apes into space before a cat.
  • Race Horse Companion.  In the 1700’s, a cat named Grimalkin was the feline companion to Godolphin Arabian, a stallion that was a founding member of the thoroughbred horse racing bloodline.  When the horse died, the cat sat on the horse’s body until it was buried, then crept away to hide in a hayloft where he died shortly thereafter.
  • Circus Cats.  A circus clown from Moscow started the Cat Theatre in 1976 after finding a kitten in the street.  The show features approximately 30 cats performing stunts like tightrope walking, handstands, running through mazes, ball balancing and jumping from very high platforms.  The founder trains all of the cats himself, taking their natural talents and character into account.
  • Therapy Animals.  Although dogs are usually thought of as therapy pets, more cats are joining the therapy ranks.  Research shows that cats help lower blood pressure and reduce stress.  A program in Malaysia uses a cat named Manis as a therapy pet for children who have trouble walking.  The children will make great effort to keep their balance so they can play with Manis.
  • Blood Donors.  Cats can be blood donors for other cats in need of blood transfusions.  If your cat would like to be a donor, check with your veterinarian for information on programs in your area.
  • Taste Testers.  Some pet food makers hire cats to sample the food to see if it will be appealing to other cats.  If the food has been taste tested, the manufacturer will state it on the food label so consumers know it has been sampled and given a feline paw of approval.
Watch for more cat trivia tidbits in the coming weeks!


Source:  Cat-a-Logue:  A Curiosity of Feline Facts

Written by Karen


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