Cat Wisdom: Take Time Out Of Your Day

cat wisdomI recently bought a book called Lessons from Stanley the Cat: Nine Lives of Everyday Wisdom by Jennifer Freed.  It’s written from Stanley the Cat’s point of view, and he makes some very insightful observations about life.  Animals are so much smarter than many people give them credit for, and if we stop to pay attention, animals can teach us many things.  Here’s a sample of the cat wisdom Stanley has to offer:

Take time out of your day to take time out of your day.  Stanley points out there’s nothing wrong about stopping for a few minutes each day to take a stretch break, enjoy the scenery, or just sit quietly.  He goes on to say that leaning back and taking a couple of deep breaths can be very refreshing and renew us for the rest of the day ahead.

How about it…..slow down and take life a little easier, at least for a few minutes today!

For more cat wisdom from Stanley, check out Lessons from Stanley the Cat: Nine Lives of Everyday Wisdom, available on Amazon.


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Written by Karen


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