Indoor Cat Garden: Creating A Space Your Cat Will Love


indoor cat gardenSpring is here and many people are thinking about what to plant in their garden. Cats often like plants as well, so an indoor cat garden can be a source of enjoyment for them.

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It’s important to keep your cat’s safety in mind when making plant selections for the cat garden, since some plants are poisonous to cats.  Here are cat-safe options to consider:

10 Plants and Herbs To Consider

  • Catnip.  Many cats love it, but it’s best not to expose cats to it that have a history of seizures
  • Catmint.  Close relative to catnip.
  • Cat Thyme.  This might not smell too great to us, but cats love the scent.
  • Wheat Grass.  Full of nutrients for cats, and many enjoy grazing on it
  • Oat Grass.  Comes from the sprouts of oats and much like wheat grass it’s full of nutrients for cats
  • Valerian.  This herb has an effect much like catnip for cats
  • Rye Grass.  Similar to the other grasses mentioned above and many cats enjoy it’s taste
  • Lavender.  Wonderful scent that’s appreciated by some, but not every cat.  Limit the amount your cat ingests since large amounts may cause digestive upset
  • Creeping Rosemary.  A hardy plant that can withstand a cat
  • Lemon Balm.  This is a feline favorite.  It emits a lemon-like scent and is known to make a nice tea

Decorative Elements For Your Indoor Cat Garden

If you’re thinking about planting some of these in your cat garden, buy planters and fill them with organic dirt (to avoid pesticides).  Start with two or three plants and gauge your cat’s reaction to them.  It might be necessary to experiment a bit to find your cat’s favorite plant combination.

To make the garden more attractive to your cat, set up a scratching post near the indoor garden to mimic a tree and have a water source nearby.  The more things there are to keep your cat busy, the more he’ll be inclined to “hang out” in the garden.

Consider adding a cat water fountain if you have a power outlet nearby.  Add a mat or bed so your cat can grab a catnap in his “zen garden.”  If you have a window nearby, set up a bird feeder so your cat can birdwatch while relaxing in his garden.

Statues and Planters

Want to boost the cattitude of your cat garden?  Here are a few items that will add some fun:

Sleeping Cat Planter

Give your cat garden some pizazz with this cat planter from Ten Thousand Villages (available through Amazon)


Gardening Cat Statue

This cat would be right at home in your cat garden.  The cement Gardening Cat Statue is available from

cat garden

Birdwatching Cat Statue

This statue from will add some humor to your cat’s zen spot.

indoor cat garden


Why Limit Choices to Indoors?

Don’t stop with indoors only, a cat-themed indoor/outdoor doormat is a great choice.


An enclosed sun room makes a great spot for a cat garden, but if you live in a smaller space, it’s still possible to create a mini-oasis your cat can call his own.



Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.

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