Flori The Cat: From Streets Of Romania To A Forever Home

Flori, now in a forever safe home
Flori, now in a forever safe home

Flori (flower in English) the cat was born with a strong voice, and that voice is what got the attention of her rescuer, Daniela.

Flori and her brother were kittens living in an abandoned home on the streets of Romania.  When Flori heard someone walking around, she raised her voice in hopes of being heard.

Flori’s efforts were successful, and she and her brother were taken to a safe place for better care.  Unfortunately, Flori’s brother died the day after they were rescued, but Flori thrived.  Since special kitten formula food was not available in the Romanian town, Daniela fed Flori a thick sour cream based diet.

Daniela had to return to the US, but concerned about Flori’s welfare, she made arrangements for a neighbor that lived nearby to care for Flori.  She was in regular contact with Flori’s caregiver, regularly checking on Flori’s progress. Every year, Daniela returned to visit Flori, took care of her medical needs and made sure all was well with her.

Unfortunately, two years ago Flori’s Romanian caregiver abandoned her without notifying anyone.  When she was unable to reach Flori’s caregiver, Daniela became worried about Flori and spent several weeks investigating what had happened.  As it turned out, Flori was hiding inside an empty house, scared and hungry, but otherwise fine.

Not wanting to risk Flori’s welfare again, Daniela began the process of getting Flori ready to move to the US.  This was a lengthy process with much paperwork to be filed, including microchip information, vaccination records and medical reports from the veterinarian in Romania that provided Flori’s medical care.

Flori had to be examined 24 hours before beginning her flight to America, and she had to have a valid passport.  She boarded the flight in her carrier riding under the seat, and was a trouper that endured the trip very well.

Since settling into her American home, Flori has adjusted and made peace with her feline siblings.  Having spent her early years on her own, she still prefers to be alone but will visit with her humans and interacts occasionally with her feline family, on her terms of course!

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.