How To Take Good Pictures Of Cats

Trying to get a good picture of your cat but not having much luck? It can be tough figuring out how to take good pictures of cats, but it isn’t impossible.

pictures of cats

Here are a few tips on taking great photos of your feline friend:

Use Natural Light

Take cat pictures in natural light without flash. This minimizes the chances of the glowing eye effect

Be Patient

Often, it’s a waiting game when taking pictures of cats. My cat Marty doesn’t especially like being photographed. He deliberately won’t look at me when I’m trying to photograph him.  It may take a while, but eventually, he’ll slip up and give me the great pose I’ve been waiting for!

pictures of cats
Marty checking out the dog’s kennel

Try The Zoom

Some of my favorite pictures of Marty were taken with the zoom lens on my phone.  Using the zoom means you don’t have to be as close to get a great shot, and your cat doesn’t have a chance to get in “privacy mode.”

pictures of cats
Here’s a picture (taken with my iPhone 8+) I took of Neko, one of my pet care clients

Keep Your Phone/Camera Handy

Whether I’m taking pictures of Marty, or one of my pet care clients, many of the best shots are taken when they don’t realize it.  Be sure to move slowly when getting your phone or camera.  Sudden movement can startle them and cause you to lose a potentially great photo opportunity.


When taking pictures of cats, it’s important to keep timing in mind.  Many cats are more playful and alert in the morning.  Observe your cat and plan to photograph him at his best time of day.  After all, nobody likes to be awakened from a nap with a camera in his face.

pictures of cats
Marty relaxing in his favorite chair

Be Aware of Backgrounds

Use simple, colorful blankets, toys or rugs that compliment your cat’s coloring. If someone will be posing with your cat, have them wear a contrasting color to your cat’s fur so your cat will stand out.

Remove clutter so it doesn’t detract from your otherwise great shot.

Experiment With Different Angles

Try getting down on the floor, so you’re looking at your cat eye-to-eye, capture him from below when he’s laying on the cat tree, or from above when he’s in his cat bed.  I like Marty’s profile, so will often take his picture from the side.

taking cat pictures
Seeing the new day from Marty’s point of view

Use Burst Mode

I have an iPhone that has a burst mode, so I’m able to capture many pictures in a very short moment.  Often, this means deleting many of them, but there will usually be that one very special shot to save!

Protect Your Photos

Save your photos to an external drive or cloud based application.  That way, if you lose your phone, your computer crashes, or other catastrophe occurs, your pictures will be safe.

What’s your favorite tip to capture great pictures of your cat? Leave us a comment with your tip, and be sure to include that favorite picture of your cat.  We’d love to hear from you, and share your picture on our social media channels!






Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.

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