iPAD Apps For Cats And Their People

My cat Marty has been doing some shopping in the iTunes App Store and has some recommendations for his feline friends, as well as a couple for their humans.

Cat Toys Lite

This is the free version, there is a paid version that includes more animals, but Marty’s done fine with the lite version.  The app has an animal that runs around inside what appears to be a box, and when you press the mouse with either finger or paw, it makes noise.  We’ve been using the mouse and Marty loves it!  I’ve noticed that he doesn’t have nearly as much reaction when there’s no sound, so the noise does add fun value.

I’ve tried it on my iPhone, but the screen isn’t big enough, this definitely works better on the bigger iPad screen.

Paint for Cats  

There is a small charge for this app, but it is worth it in my opinion.  This app has a mouse similar to Cat Toys Lite, but the mouse is bigger, and so the movements seem to catch cat’s attention even more.  There are several color palettes to choose from, and when a paw presses the mouse, it releases a splash of color.  Depending on the color scheme you choose, and the movement of the mouse, the artwork possibilities are endless.  Here is a sample of a picture Marty created:

ipad apps


LOLCat Picasso.  This one drives Marty absolutely batty! This app has different colored cats that go across the screen when you swipe, and there’s a cat meowing as the cats appear.  When I play this with Marty, he will paw under the iPad and all around it trying to find the source of the meow.  Very, very fun!

Mixel.  This is a fun app you can use to create collages using either  your existing pictures, those in the library or web images.  You are also able to share the collages you create, and most of the images can be used by anyone in the Mixel community.  Here’s a collage I created using Mixel:



Cat Effects.  If you ever have the urge to insert cats in random places within a photo, this is the app for you.  There is a free version and some in app purchases that provide additional photos to choose from.

There are many more cat apps available, these are the ones Marty and I have used so far.  Do you have other apps you or your cat have used and really loved?

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.