Jimmy Kimmel On The Death Of Cecil The Lion (Video)

Upon learning of the circumstances surrounding the death of  Cccil the Lion, I was outraged as are so many others.  I was prepared to write a post today discussing Cecil, then this morning I found this video of Jimmy Kimmel speaking about the lion’s death.

Although there is a little laughter at the beginning, the audience soon sees the gravity of the situation and Kimmel’s sincerity in discussing it, and the laughter stops.

I gotta say, Mr. Kimmel, I couldn’t have said it better!  Please check out this video of Jimmy Kimmel talking about Cecil the Lion. Watch all the way to the end as he also gives info to donate to the group that was working with Cecil to help them continue their research.

RIP Cecil, here’s hoping your death helps bring about change!

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.