Keeping Cats Warm When the Winter Winds Blow

No matter where you live right now – many of you are undoubtedly covered in snow, chilled to the bone, and/or possibly without power. It’s definitely not fun and it does make us pine for Spring. While you find ways to keep yourself warm, it is equally important to ensure you find ways for keeping cats warm, too.

Although it should go without saying, if it is frigid outside, don’t let your cat outside. Hypothermia and frostbite are a couple of Winter’s biggest enemies for cats. Plus, de-icing products, antifreeze or even cars can pose additional dangers to your cat.


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keeping cats warm

Tips For Keeping Cats Warm

When it is cold outside, wha are some measures to take for keeping  your cats warm and comfortable? Be practical when choosing a source of heat for your cat.

Just like humans, cats love a warm and cuddly blanket on a cold day. There are also heating discs and warming pads specifically made for cats that can be used in conjunction with a cat bed. However, never use a heating pad designed for humans on a cat. The wires and cords pose an electrocution hazard, especially if your cat chews on the cord or goes potty on the pad.

Provide a comfy bed for your cat, too. Sure, your cat can snuggle with you, but it’s not like you spend the entire day on the couch, right? (Right????) Many pet beds allow the pet’s own body heat to warm them up. Consider positioning the bed near a sunny sport or heat source, such as a vent or a radiator, but not too close.

Finally, if your home temperature is set to make you feel comfortable, it might not feel the same for your cat. The ideal temperature for an indoor cat is between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Cats typically like warm environments, and if you don’t want to turn your entire home into a desert land, you can simply dedicate one room in the house with a higher temperature.

There is Relief in Sight

While it may seem like Winter will never end, Spring will be upon us. Just hang in there. You’ve got this, and what better excuse to stay warm than to cuddle up after long day at work with your furry feline friend? At the very least, it will warm the hearts of both you and your cat.











Written by Ann Butenas

Ann Butenas

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