Living With Pets: Picking Pet-Friendly Furniture

I’m in the process of doing some home updates and am planning some new furniture purchases.  When living with pets, there are many things to take into living with petsconsideration other than the way a piece of furniture looks or fits with the decor.  A recent article from the Providence Journal offered these suggestions:

  • When living with pets, think twice about leather furniture.  It wipes off easily and doesn’t hold pet hair, but pets, especially cats, can damage it with their claws.
  • Consider microfiber. It’s smoother and less appealing to cats than knits or woven fabric they can sink their claws into. And fur — from dogs or cats — is easily removed from microfiber with a vacuum, lint roller or cloth. Microfiber can also be spot-cleaned.
  • If you are living with pets and want fabric-covered furniture, consider patterns or checks to disguise dirt or fur.
  • Make sure you have scratching posts available for cats so they won’t be tempted to dig into the furniture with their claws.
  • The easiest way to protect furniture from pets is to throw a washable blanket or sheet on it. These covers tend to slip, come untucked and often look a mess. Consider a fitted slipcover or other covering designed to stay put and look neat. Surefit covers wash easily and when company comes over, they’re easily pulled off.
  • Consider giving your pets a couch of their own. There are many options in various price ranges, from $30 floor pillows at discount pet chains to $1,400 custom dog beds. Pet-size sofas that look a lot like sofas for humans are available in various sizes and price ranges (typically $60 to $300). They’re available online and in stores such as Marshalls.
  • A throw draped on furniture can work too, and can even dress up an otherwise-plain piece of furniture.


Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.