Meet Our Halloween Cover Kitties

We asked for potential Halloween Cover Kitties and you delivered!  We had three favorites, and they were all great, so we decided to feature all of them as our first Halloween Cover Kitties.  Check out their stories below:

Halloween Cover KittyOur first Cover Kitty is Twinkle Dinkle Heidari and she is about  6 years old.  She is a rescue Cat that was adopted from the Edmonton Human Society.  She was in a cage with several other black cats.  The cage had a sign on it that said….”Black cats take longer to adopt because of superstition.”  What nonsense her people thought when they caught Twinkle’s eye!  She was 3 months old when she became a treasure in their family.
Picture submitted by:  SuSanne Henriksen





Halloween Cover KittyOur second Cover Kitty is named Hemi. In this picture he is watching scary movies before he has to hide from trick or treaters. He is a six year old who might have Bengal in his back ground, he was found under his human’s Dodge when he was about four weeks old. Hemi’s human figured Hemi was as close as he was going to get to a Hemi motor.

Picture submitted by:  Marion Hughes






Halloween Cover KittyOur third Cover Kitty is named Callie. He is a 5 year old black cat and he did not mind having this Halloween bandana put on him. He is very good natured, very sweet and playful. Sometimes he gets upset with his son Peanut if Peanut walks by him or gets too close to him. He definitely can be like a father, if Peanut does something that’s a mischievous Callie gets after him with a growl and has given him a good swat. All in all he is a very sweet cat..very easy going loveable and content.. all qualities we look for in a Cover Kitty!

Picture submitted by:  Linda Hoffman



Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.