Orlando Cat Cafe: Serving Up Cuteness With A Cause

I’ve been off for a short vacation and just now getting back into the swing of things.  While on vacation, one stop I made was to the Orlando Cat Cafe. I’ve really wanted to visit a cat cafe for quite some time, and I will say this visit did not disappoint.

orlando cat cafe
Adoptable cats, yummy treats, what’s not to love?

About Orlando Cat Cafe

The cafe opened September 8, 2016. When we visited on August 6, the cafe had helped 111 cats find forever homes.

There are no age limits for Cafe Cats.  All Cafe cats are adoptable. Prior to becoming a Cafe cat, every one is vetted and evaluated by personnel from The Animal League in Groveland, Florida, a city near the cafe.

Cats are evaluated to ensure their personalities will be a good fit to interact with cafe visitors. The cafe has a maximum of 20 cats at any given time.

My Orlando Cat Cafe Visit

My brother and I booked an hour to visit the Cafe Cats.  Visits are in one hour increments, costing $8 per person per hour.

Before entering the visiting area, a volunteer lays out the rules for interacting with the cats.  Volunteers are present in the visiting area to ensure proper interactions at all times.

In the visiting area, there are numerous toys, cat trees and beds for the cats.  There are a few tables for visitors, in the event you want to take your food or drink into the visiting area.

orlando cat cafe
Taking a break before more play time

Since it’s kitten season, there were quite a few cute and crazy kittens ready to play and have fun!  There were several sets of litter mate kittens and adult cats.

I spent quite a bit of time with one kitten in particular.  This kitten pulled out his entire playbook, running jumping and pouncing on whatever toy was available at the time.  Here’s a little of our play session:

I could’ve stayed for hours!  The cats were all social in their own way.  This environment gives them opportunities to play, or nap, as they see fit.  Our visit was midday, so a few cats were deep into catnapping, while others were just waking up from nap time.

Volunteers are very willing to answer any questions visitors may have about any Cafe cat.  For visitors ready to adopt, the process can begin at the Cafe, and is then completed by The Animal League.

Sample The Treats During Your Visit

The Orlando Cat Cafe not only serves up cute cats, they also have a variety of yummy treats and handcrafted coffee drinks available.

orlando cat cafe
Make sure you sample the treats. Here’s the Peanut Butter Pie, super yummy!

Orlando Cat Cafe Events

Orlando Cat Cafe has a calendar of fun events such as Yoga with Cats, High Tea with Kitties and Palettes and Pets, and Kitten Showers.  Same day adoptions are processed during Kitten Showers.

For a full list of upcoming events, check out their calendar.

If you’re planning a trip to Orlando in the near future, or are a resident looking for a feline friend, I highly encourage you to check out Orlando Cat Cafe.  You’ll really be glad you did!


Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.