Product Review: Soos™ Pets

soos™Last week, I posted an article called Bathing Your Cat. Sometimes, though, cats need a little freshening up and that’s where Soos™ Pets comes into play.

Soos™ Pets is a line of natural products for cats and dogs.  What makes these products unique are the ingredients sourced from the Dead Sea.  All products in the line are cruelty and paraben free.

Soos™ Background

A rescue dog named Shane was the inspiration for Soos™ Pets. When Shane was brought home from the rescue, his coat was dull and he was prone to dry, sensitive skin and irritated paws. Being an older dog, he suffered with sore joints and lacked the vitality of a younger dog.

His condition made founders realize there are many wellness products made from natural ingredients available for humans but not very many for dogs and cats.

Why Dead Sea Minerals?

Dead Sea products for people are extremely popular because of the benefits for hair, skin and overall health benefits.  Soos™ founders wanted to use the Dead Sea minerals in animal wellness products because they offer the same benefits for coat, skin and overall immunity for pets.

Product Review

I received a bottle of Soos™ Waterless Cat Bath Mousse for review.  My cat Marty is not fond of being “messed with” in any way, so I thought if he tolerated this it would definitely be a win.

To test, I waited until Marty was relaxed, sitting by me on the couch.  I put some mousse in my hands and started gently massaging it into his skin.  [Note:  Although this product is called a mousse, the consistency is liquid rather than a traditional mousse.] After thoroughly massaging it in, I started brushing him with his Groom Genie (which also provides a massage type action to the skin).

Marty began purring, a good sign!  After applying the mousse, his hair felt very soft, it was shiny and the scent of the mousse left Marty smelling clean and fresh.

I’ve tried the pre-moistened cleansing cloths on occasion, and Marty didn’t tolerate them very well.  The difference, from observing Marty’s reaction,  is the massaging that takes place when administering the mousse, then brushing it out.  This product offered a much more “spa-like” massage experience for Marty and he seemed to enjoy it.

Bonuses for me include the fact these products are made of natural ingredients and that a portion of profits are donated to help animals in need.

Marty and I both give these products two paws up!


Based on my experience with the Waterless Cat Bath Mousse, I would definitely recommend it.

New Soos™ products under development include Natural Ear Cleaner, Natural Tear Stain Remover and Natural Skunk Removal.

Soos™ products are available from their website and

FTC Disclosure:  I received a bottle of the product for review, but that did not influence my opinions reflected in this post in any way.




Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.