Respect Your Cat Day: 5 Ways To Show Your Cat You Love, and Respect, Him

You love your cat, of course!  Today is Respect Your Cat Day, a time to show your feline companion you not only love him, but respect him too. Why restrict this to only one day, though?

respect your cat day

How do you respect your cat, you may be wondering?  I already give him everything! Here are five easy ways to show your cat every day that you love and respect him:

Respect Your Cat By Keeping His Litterbox Clean

We don’t like using dirty bathrooms, and our cats don’t either.  I read an article not too long ago that brought up a good point:  Not scooping your cat’s litter box for many days is comparable to not flushing a toilet for the same amount of time.  Think about it, pretty gross, huh?

respect your cat day
please keep my litter box clean!


Give Him A Quiet Place

Often our feline companions need a place for some down time.  Give your cat a safe, quiet place in the house he can go to escape the hustle and bustle of a sometimes busy home.

Don’t Make Him The Object Of Ridicule

If your cat despises wearing clothes of any kind, don’t subject him to the embarrassment of being dressed.  It may be funny, but have you seen many pictures of cats where they looked happy?  We don’t like being laughed at, our cats really don’t either.

respect your cat day
I hate wearing this thing!

Respect Your Cat By Remembering His Boundaries: If He Doesn’t Like Being Picked Up, Don’t Pick Him Up

Many cats don’t like being picked up and/or held.  If this is your cat, don’t randomly pick him up; he’ll wriggle to get free and you may end up with some ugly scratches in the process.  Think about it, would you like someone you live with to pick you up with no warning and hold you as long as they wanted, even though you indicated you didn’t want them to hold you?  Annoying, yes!

respect your cat day
I don’t want to be held right now, I want down!

Watch Your Tone Of Voice

Cats often respond to our tone of voice.  For me, if I raise my voice at all, even if it’s not directed at him, Marty will run away or hide.  Be aware of the tone of voice you’re using when talking to your cat, try a little tenderness.  We don’t like being yelled at, neither does your cat.

Cats make great friends, so be a good friend in return today and every day.  Respect your cat and his needs and he’ll reward you with years of love and respect in return.






Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.

17 Responses to "Respect Your Cat Day: 5 Ways To Show Your Cat You Love, and Respect, Him"

  1. These are all great ways to show that you respect your cat! And you’re right – they should be respected EVERY day! If everyone properly respected their cats, they would be amazed how much better a relationship and bond they would have with them.

  2. Yep. All these rules I’m familiar with. So true. I also think not being overbearing with the hugs and kisses is a good one too. They let you know when they’ve had enough. I can testify! LOL

  3. Those are simple and common sense ways to show respect to your cat. I wish more people would stop trying to ridicule or scare their cat with a cucumber. It might seem funny to the humans, but it isn’t nice to the cat.

    1. I agree! I remind people to put themselves in the place of their cat, or dog. The cucumber thing is comparable to someone continuously doing something to you that they know really scares you. Really annoying and not at all appreciated

  4. These are wonderful tips for respecting your cat. It’s so important to remember that cats are individuals and they don’t all like the same things. I will never understand why we humans have such a hard time letting animals simply be who they are. Thank you for the reminder 🙂

  5. If you are anything like us, we believe in respect a pet 24/7/365. I love that you put these tips together with creative ways and maybe ways that pet parents don’t consider in respecting the cat.

  6. I try to give the girls all the space and time they need for their alone time. However, I must admit, I do love to pick them up and pet them all the time. The only time they really get mad at me is when it’s time for grooming or putting their monthly flea/tick application on their necks.

    1. Marty doesn’t like to be picked up, every great once in a while I will, but put him down as soon as he starts giving signals he’s had enough

  7. Great points! Our kitties deserve to be respected. I’m very careful about the body language and tone of voice I use with my cats. I don’t want to be viewed as a scary person. Hopefully, they will always know that I love and care for them.

  8. Every day should be respect your cat day! Its funny the similarities and differences between dogs and cats- I know personal space doesn’t exist for Kilo (or me, haha) but definitely tone and body language can play a huge part in his attitude on any given day!

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