Selling Your Home When You Have Pets

Selling Your Home When You Have PetsSelling your home when you have pets may not be as easy as you might think. Although you love your pets, when you are getting ready to sell your home, prospective buyers may not be as pet-loving as you. If you have pets in your home that you are preparing to sell, here are some tips to minimize the pets’ impact on your home. After all, you want a serious buyer NOW!

Before you show your home, remove signs of pets living there. Put away any food and water bowls, pet toys, and litter boxes.  If you have photos of your pets on display, pack those away temporarily. If you have bigger items like cat trees, find a  place in which to hide them, like in the garage or outside of the home.

What about the odors and unsightly stains? Have your carpets professionally cleaned to get rid of offending spots. If some stains cannot be removed, you may want to replace the carpet/flooring before showing your home. As for those pesky odors, refrain from air fresheners. Those can aggravate someone who suffers from allergies. Opt for a heavy-duty enzyme cleaner instead. When you feel you have cleaned your best, ask a friend or extended family member to come over and inspect for stains and smells before you show your home to prospective buyers.  This may seem strange, by many times we become so used to odors they cease to register with us.

Another suggestion is to relocate your pets while your home is on the market. That can be difficult, but in the long run, it can possibly help your home to sell much more quickly.  At a minimum consider removing your pets from the home during open houses and tours.

If you cat will be in the home during showings, be sure to let realtors know so they will be careful to close doors quickly.  Cats can become very stressed with so many strangers in their home and run outside to escape, not a good thing!

Following these suggestions won’t guarantee your home selling, but will do much to increase your chances of a quick sale!

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.