Torus™ Water Bowl Product Review


Would you like to know your pet has a steady supply of fresh water throughout the day?  The Torus™ (Latin for “hollow circular ring”) water bowl has the answer.

Torus™ Features

The bowl looks quite different from the standard water bowl. It has a low profile to keep water from spilling (a blessing for me since I bump the water dish often), and is stable enough that it doesn’t move as pets are drinking.

Water stored inside the walls ensures an ample supply of water (2-3 days between refills), protected from dust and contaminants. The bowl automatically replenishes as pets drink (about 1/2 pint at a time).  Keeping the water supply at that level prevents it from becoming stale or spilling easily.

Another plus for this bowl is the filtering system.  A filter is included with the Torus™ to ensure your pet’s water is pure and free of contaminants.  They’re easy to install (simply screw into bowl opening before filling with water) and last for about a month. Replacement filters come in a set of five.

torusThe TORUS™ comes in two sizes: 1 liter for cats and smaller dogs, and 2 liter for larger dogs and multipet households. It is available in four colors: Blue, Red, Charcoal and Pink (1 liter size only).

Setup of the Torus™ is easy.  Simply remove the cap on the top of the bowl, insert the filter and fill with water.  The important point to remember is to ensure the cap is set to the tap position once filled so water will refill as needed.

With travel season coming up soon, I would recommend this bowl when traveling with pets.  The cap locks to prevent spilling while carrying it, water supply is kept low to prevent spills in the car, and rubber legs on the bottom will keep it in place while in motion.

I was impressed by the thought put into the Torus™ features and design, and my pets have appreciated the steady supply of fresh, clean water to drink.  For any home with pets, I would highly recommend getting them a Torus™ water bowl!

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Note: I was sent a Torus™ 1 liter bowl to review, but this did not influence the content of this post.

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.