Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide To Life With Your Cat by Jackson Galaxy: Our Review

You may have heard of Jackson Galaxy, star of My Cat From Hell, that broadcasts on Animal Planet. He’s also an accomplished writer, and his new book, Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide To Life With Your Cat, will be available for sale beginning tomorrow.

Disclosure:  I received an advance copy of this book at no charge for review purposes.  This in no way influenced the information in this review.  

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total cat mojo

I’ve been a fan of his TV show for quite some time, and was pleased to see he incorporated lessons from the show in this new book.

Section One: History of Mojo-fied World-From Raw Cat To Your Cat

The book begins by introducing the concept of cat mojo, an air of self-confidence that comes from being understood and embraced by their chosen human.

A large part of nurturing the cat mojo is understanding the raw cat.  The raw cat is that wild creature that still exists in your feline. Cats as we know them are not that far evolved from their wild ancestors.

Section Two: Crash Course In Cats

After providing a history of the domestic cat, the book begins to zero in on identifying characteristics of your cat.  Having this information will be important in working through challenges in helping your cat achieve maximum mojo potential.

Section Three: Cat Mojo Toolbox

This section gets into the “meat” of building the best relationship with your cat.

Galaxy often discusses the importance of play for cats on his show, and it carries through to this book.  He explains the importance of play, and the best toys to use to bring out the raw cat instincts in your feline. The book recommends observing your cat during play sessions so you can customize play time to match your cat’s play “style.”

Long a believer in “catifying” your living space to make it enjoyable for your cat, the book has a chapter dedicated to catification and territory.  Illustrations are included to help clarify points of importance.

There is a chapter covering cat/animal relationships.  Items discussed include;

  • Should you get a second cat
  • Introducing new cat or dog to the resident cat
  • What to do when there are pets that cannot get along
  • Getting to a healthy relationship between cat and dog

As the book points out, dogs and cats bring very different energy to your home, and if handled correctly, the energy can be complementary.

Section Four: Cat Mojo Cookbook-Cat Daddy Solutions for Industrial Strength Issues

This is for those problems many of us as cat guardians face, often with little to no success:

  • Inappropriate Scratching
  • When Cats in Your Home Don’t Get Along
  • Biting and Scratching Humans
  • Outside Cats Causing Problems for Indoor Cats

Each has its own chapter with step-by-step methods to put in place to help resolve the problem.


I highly recommend Total Cat Mojo for any cat guardian, whether new or experienced.  The book is a great resource, chock full of very useful information.

As a cat guardian, this book provides a great amount of insight into our feline friends, which will help strengthen the bond we have with them.

Book Tour Schedule

Jackson Galaxy will be touring and speaking about Total Cat Mojo.  Here is the schedule of dates and cities:

Milwaukee, WI                    11/1

St. Louis, MO                      11/2

Kansas City, MO                 11/3

Phoenix, AZ                         11/5

New York City                      11/7

Long Island, NY                   11/8

Washington, DC                   11/10

Atlanta, GA                           11/12

Austin, TX                             11/15

Seattle, WA                           11/17

Portland, OR                         11/18

Go to Jackson’s website, for ticketing and location information.





Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.