Variety Of Cat Lovers: A Black Cat That’s Lucky For Her Owner

Cat LoversCat lovers often have a special bond with their feline companion.  In one girl’s case, she owes her life to her feline friend.

This cat lover is about a schoolgirl in Scotland who suffers from a potentially deadly heart condition. She believes her beloved pet cat Perla is responsible for saving her life.

Maria Gillon, 13, suffers crippling chest pain attacks which stop her moving or talking due to ventricular tachycardia. Her condition puts her at risk of her heart stopping, and she’s especially vulnerable at night while asleep.

Maria’s family believes her black cat Perla has saved her life several times.  Perla and Maria are inseparable, and Perla sleeps in Maria’s bed, staying with her through the night.  

Perla recognizes signs of Maria’s attacks and will find Maria’s mother, nibbling her toes until she wakes up and calls for emergency help.  Perla stays with Maria until her attack passes or the ambulance arrives.

Maria and her family almost lost Perla this summer after the cat was hit by a car. She underwent surgery to repair her injuries and is now doing well back with the family.

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Written by Karen


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