Variety Of Cat Lovers: One Man And His Cat

Cat loversCat lovers aren’t always born that way, sometimes a cat adopts a human that needs a friend.  Such is the case with James Bowen, a street musician, or busker, and the cat that adopted him, Bob.

Bowen was a homeless drug addict when Bob the cat happened upon him one day.  Bowen found Bob injured on the stairwell of his flat.  It was evident Bob had been attacked by another animal and his injuries were serious.  Bowen nursed him back to health and looked for Bob’s owner, with no success.

Bowen tried to set him free, but Bob just wouldn’t leave, even following Bowen onto the train.  Bowen decided to take Bob with him on his busking adventures, and with Bob’s help Bowen’s earning tripled.  Bob loves hanging out with Bowen, even riding on his shoulder.

A literary agent happened upon them one day, and after walking past them for several days, she approached them with an idea to tell their story.  The book, A Street Cat Named Bob, is at the top of the best seller list.

A movie of their story is in the works.  To read the entire article, check out


Photo source:  Dailymail

Written by Karen


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