10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

most popular cat breeds
The Persian is the most popular breed. They are known to be loyal and affectionate but require regular brushing

This post was “written” by my cat Marty, and first appeared on our sister site, myjoyofliving.com:

According to the US census data, there are roughly 90 million pet cats in the country. This also suggests there are many more due to owners who do not necessarily claim them as pets but who take care of them nevertheless.  I bear no shame reflex when it comes to being among the type of creature that is very popular, admired, coveted and appreciated. Yes, we cats have it going on and you would be lost without us.

While there are many different types of cats out there, varying in size, looks and personalities, there are ten types that are most popular in the US, and if my personality alone could be couched as a breed in and of itself, then my name would be the only one on the list. (A real head-turner and crowd pleaser I am!) Here are the top ten most popular cat breeds in America, as noted by catster.com!

  1. The Persian. This breed keeps topping the list, as they are affectionate and loyal, but, boy…do they require constant grooming of that long fur!
  2. The Maine Coone.  Oh, yeah. This heavy weight (usually between 15 and 25 pounds) has held the second spot since 1992 and is known for its gentle and loving ways.  Also, their grooming needs are substantially less than that of the Persian variety.
  3. The Exotic.  Like a Persian, but with short fur, this one is very sweet and only needs to be brushed about twice a week.
  4. The Siamese. This cat, known for its yowl, loves to “chat” with its owners.  It is also a very athletic breed and tends to be loyal towards one person.
  5. The Abyssinian.  This breed is an eye catcher! They are thin and elegant with a shiny coat and quite active, playful and friendly.
  6. The Ragdoll. Much like a toy ragdoll goes limp in your arms, so does this breed. It is cute and cuddly and on the larger side (10-20 pounds). This one is better kept inside, as it is docile and does not like to defend itself outside.
  7. The Birman. This is the one that thinks it’s a dog. Friendly, out-going, even-tempered and flexible, this is a one-of-a-kind breed. It is even known to come when you call him and is on the low-maintenance end of the grooming scale.
  8. The American Shorthair. This breed came to America on the Mayflower and was bred for hunting.  It is quiet, generally in great health and makes a great family pet.
  9. The Oriental.  While it looks and acts like a Siamese, its fur comes in two lengths and has over 300 color combinations. It is similar in personality to a Siamese, but quieter.
  10. The Sphynx. This breed is active and loves to climb on things. Lacking fur, this one does have an unusual appearance and can come in any number of skin colors.  It is loyal and loving, yet very demanding when it comes to requiring your attention.

Still, despite all of these unique breeds, there is only one cat in my estimation that truly rules the world:  ME!

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.