2018 Most Read Posts on Our Site

With 2018 behind us, I was curious to find out what was of the most interest to our readers for the year.     Here are the most read posts on Fully Feline in 2018:


Cat Behavior: Why Cats Bite

Has your cat suddenly bitten you out of the blue for no apparent reason? There are several reasons cats bite, and they usually give us warning before they nab us.  Check out this post for insights and signs to look for.

Why Does My Indoor Cat Suddenly Want To Go Outside?

What could make a normally content indoor cat suddenly want to go outside? Learn some of the reasons for this behavior, along with some steps to curb the behavior.

Cats and Babies: Prepare Your Cat For Arrival of A Baby

Our cats are members of the family, but they often have trouble processing changes in routine such as arrival of a new baby.  Babies bring new sights, sounds and smells which can totally stress out a cat. Learn how to introduce the concept of a baby to your cat, which will help make the baby’s arrival an easier and happier occasion for all.

Respect Your Cat Day: 5 Ways To Show Your Cat You Love, and Respect Him

Yes, we definitely love our feline companions, but do we always respect them?  Check out this post for some ways to show your cat much love and R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

7 Reasons Cat Meow: Why Your Cat Is Being Vocal

Cats don’t usually meow at each other, they reserve the meowing for us, their humans! Learn reasons why your cat is being vocal and what you can do to satisfy his request.

Scratching Posts: 5 Reasons Why Cats Stop Using Them

Isn’t it frustrating when you buy your cat what you think is a great scratcher or tower and rather than scratch it, he chooses the carpet or furniture instead? I’ve been through this with my cat Marty, and share what he taught me.  There are some other points to consider and actions to help get your cat back to an “appropriate” scratching surface.

Cat Allergies: 8 Strategies To Deal With Symptoms

Are you a cat lover, but don’t have a cat of your own because you’re allergic to them? Many people suffer from cat allergies, but there are steps to take the will help minimize allergic reaactions. Check out this post for suggestions.

Cat Hate Being Held? Try This Technique To Hold Your Cat

Does your cat hate being picked up or held? Many cats don’t like it, and often it’s because of the way we’re holding them.  Learn the best way to held your cat to make them feel secure.

These were some of the most read articles on our site in 2018. A few were written in 2017, but we’re glad to know the content is relevant and useful for our readers!

Is there a subject you’d like more information on, but not seeing on our site? If so, please let us know by leaving a comment.  We’re here as a resource for you, our readers, so your feedback is very important to us.

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.