5 Cat Fitness Tips: Getting Your Cat to Exercise

Getting a dog to engage in routine exercise is usually no problem. You can take him for a walk around the block, play some fetch and more.  But what about cats? Don’t they need and deserve a bit of exercise, too?  It’s not just fun; it’s also for good health. We’ve got these cat fitness tips to try:

brown and white tabby cat playing with toy to show cat fitness


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Cat Fitness Tip #1: Invest in a Cat Tower

These multi-tiered towers can be found online or in pet stores and will provide your cat with plenty of places to play and areas to climb, giving him a great workout in the process.

When selecting a cat condo, take your cat’s age into account.  Kittens and young adult cats are much more nimble and active than older cats.    For more mature cats, look for a cat condo that has ramps, hammocks or shelfs to lay on.

Tip #2: Keep Variety of Toys on Hand

Since we aren’t always available to play one-on-one with our cat, give him plenty of toys he can play with alone. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on them, either.  Use every day objects to encourage your cat to exercise, such as ping pong balls, empty toilet paper rolls or balled-up pipe cleaners.

Set Up a Hockey Rink

Put a ball in a large cardboard box or even in the bathtub to create an instant rink for your cat. As your cat lunges for the ball as it bounces back and forth, not only will he get lots of exercise, you will also have a great time capturing some fun photos to post on social media of your cat having a blast!

Grab a Wand and Get to Work!

cat fitness

Most cats love wand-style toys! Wand toys with a feather or toy mouse on the end is a great way to engage in interactive play while simultaneously giving your cat some exercise.

Increase the level of intensity by running the toy up over the sofa or down a few steps.

Cats often get quite enthusiastic when they catch their wand toy “prey” and dismantle it.  Look for wand toys that have a variety of toys to attach.

If you haven’t heard of Da Bird, I would definitely check it out!  One of my cat clients went crazy while we were playing with it the other day.  The movement of the toy simulates a bird flying, and cats love it!

Cat Fitness Tip #5: Make Meals and Treat Time More Fun

If you cat eats kibble, or has treats during the day, introduce a treat/food dispensing toy.  These toys provide mental stimulation by giving cats a chance to hone their hunting instincts, and keeps your cat moving as she searches for the next bit of food.

There are a variety of styles on the market, Nala in the video above is playing with the PetSafe Meal Dispensing Cat Toy.  

There are plenty of other ways to get your cat to exercise, and we would love to hear a few of your own ideas! How have you incorporated more exercise into your cat’s day?

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Written by Ann Butenas

Ann Butenas

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