5 Ways To Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer

keep your cat cool

There are many stories in the news of careless pet owners leaving dogs in cars with the windows up while it is steaming hot outside. We have learned how deadly such a mistake is and have been given many ways to keep dogs cool in the heat of the summer.  But what about cats?  What are some ways to keep your cat cool when the sun’s rays just won’t let up?

According to petfinder.com, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your cat cool during the summer:

  • Place a fan in an area where your cat can relax in front of it.  Be sure to add some ice cubes to her water or offer her a cool treat.
  • Make sure she has access to the cooler parts of your home, such as areas with tile floors or rooms that don’t attract much sunlight.  Cats can typically be found basking in the sun in the early morning hours, but after a bit, will migrate to a cooler part of the house as the sun heats up.
  • Make sure you schedule your play time with your cat in the cooler hours of the day, especially when they are kittens or seniors, as both are highly susceptible to heat stroke.
  • Grooming your cat regularly will also help to keep her cool. A tangle-free coat is far more comfortable than a knotted, matted one.
  • Be sure to remain vigilant as to the signs of heat stroke. Symptoms can include panting, lethargy, drooling, fever, vomiting and collapse. Obviously, if you suspect your cat has heatstroke, a trip to the vet must be done ASAP!!!!  Heat stroke can not only cause permanent organ damage but it can also lead to death.

Sure, these are rather elementary tips on preventing heat stroke in your cat, but a quick crash course in review is a good thing.  I personally cannot imagine roaming around during the summer months with fur all over my body.

In fact, I sweat just going out to get the mail! My own personal rule of thumb for me with respect to my pets is when I get a drink, make sure they have access to fresh, cool water.  When I feel hot and uncomfortable, I check on them to make sure they are fine. In other words, I treat them like my kids!

Written by Ann Butenas

Ann Butenas

An internationally-recognized author and writer, Ann began her professional writing career at age 12 and began speaking while in college. She has been published thousands of times over the past three decades in all media forms, was former editor and publisher of KC Metro Woman magazine, and has also hosted three talk radio shows in the Kansas City area.