Cat Activities: You Can’t Put that on a Resume!

Have you ever wondered what cat activities are their favorites? While certainly you have observed your cat engaged in any number of activities, there are a few of them that tend to be standouts when it comes to leisure time for cats.

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We definitely know there are some cat activities they hate.  Those include going to the vet, taking a bath and being administered some medication. Blah!  No, thanks! However, if those activities are not on the agenda, then perhaps your cat is otherwise engaged in any or all of the following:


While consuming breakfast, your cat is probably already thinking about lunch.  And when it comes to eating, cats typically lean towards protein-rich foods over carbs to get their appetites satisfied.


Did you know that cats average about 14-17 hours of nap time during the day?  (Yes, you probably have realized this by now and have been thinking, “I want that job!”) However, cats have night jobs, you know. This is when they stalk and explore. When the sun goes down, they begin to rev their engines!

Observing wildlife

If you have a bird feeder in your backyard, that is like Netflix for cats. Talk about hours of entertainment options! Sure, toys are fun, but watching actual wildlife? That is where it’s at for cats! Give your cat a perch by the window and it is as if he has scored box seats to a baseball game!

Fun with fitness

Cats love to stretch and scratch. In reality, the stretching they do is similar to yoga poses. But the real scratching comes into play when they work out on the scratching post. Cats love to keep their claws clean and sharp. The scratching post is the perfect tool by which to do that.


When they are not sleeping, cats are most likely involved in personal grooming measures. Hey! You have to look good, right?

Soak up the sun

Who doesn’t love to relax in the warm rays of the sun? Just be sure your cat doesn’t put himself in a position where he might burn himself.  With fewer heat receptors than humans have, they can overdo it and not even be aware of it!

Spend quality time with you

Who doesn’t love to be the center of attention?  Cats not only love it, they demand it! When your cat is in the mood, he will want to snuggle up with you. Of course, there is an ulterior motive at work here! When snuggling, he expects to be scratched and petted.  Fair warning!

What are some activities your cat enjoys?

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Written by Ann Butenas

Ann Butenas

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