Human Behavior: What Your Cat Learns By Observing You

Cats become a part of the family…some even get to the point where they take on human behavior traits. Cat behavior will frequently alter to mirror both the good and the bad behaviors of their humans. Personality has some affect on cat behavior, but studies have shown a high influence of human behavior upon cats.


cat learning about chess by watching human

Human Behavior Cats Learn From Us

It’s no secret that cats are highly intelligent creatures. They know when naptime is; when mealtime is; and where you keep the treats. Cats are great observers, that’s how they learn how to open a cabinet door that has been improperly closed by us! They also know where their respective feeding and toileting areas are and use them wisely…and on schedule!

Eating Habits

Cats seem to mimic the dietary habits of their owners. Food intake is often associated with that of their owners, which might explain why both human and cat obesity rates often tend to match. Taken one step further, cats can even begin to match the elimination habits of their owners.


Then there is the personality of the cat. He can be arrogant, social, shy, trusting, calm, timid, aggressive, enthusiastic, dominant or curious.  All of these traits also apply to humans. Studies suggest not all cat personalities are solely formed by genetics.

Although cats are known for their solitary ways, they are also social animals, and when people comprise their main social group, owners must realize they are the role model and should encourage proper play and prey techniques for their cats. When guardians take the time to play with their cats, those cats are usually more motivated to remain active.

Cats adapt their behavior to mimic their humans. When you eat, your cat eats. When you sleep, your cat sleeps. In fact, some studies have shown that some cats mimic human behavior to the point wherein if the owner is obese, well….guess what? So is the cat!

Bathroom Habits

And, if you keep the litter box in your bathroom, it should come as no surprise that when you are in there “taking care of your business,” your cat might come in at the same time to do the same. Cats will often mirror what you do!

Is Your Cat Training You?

However, cats find ways to get you to adapt to their behaviors. For example, are you getting up early for YOU or for your cat? Do you change your schedule to accommodate their needs? Do you react when your cat meows at you?  Cats meow only at humans, and modify their tone of voice to get more reaction from us.

If you really want to learn something amazing from your cat, take a page from the cat’s book and learn how to relax and embrace the moment, breathing rhythmically with your eyes half-closed. Yeah…cats have this meditation stuff down to a science. You should try it sometime.










Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.