Cat Adoption: 5 Unusual Ways To Get Cats Adopted

There are many more cats than dogs in shelters, so it can take some serious out of the box thinking to boost cats adoption.  A recent cat adoptionarticle featured on Care2 Healthy Living offers some interesting and fun suggestions:

  • Business cards for the cats.  It’s important to always be sure interested parties your name and how to reach you, a business card provides that information for us, why not for homeless pets?  Make sure the cat’s picture showcases his appearance, include his name, ID #, shelter name and address and some of his personality traits.
  • Have an event to showcase your felines.  Black cats are often slow to get adopted, why not schedule a Black Cat Black Tie event to showcase the elegance of basic black?  Decorate the cat’s cages, and if they’ll tolerate them, pop a spiffy bow tie  on the males and a pretty collar on the females to show how truly beautiful black cats are!
  • Try pairing up the cats.  This can work especially well with kittens.  People will see them playing, and rather than separate them they very possibly will go home with both cats.
  • Have a quiet, comfortable “meet and greet” location.  Many cats are nervous in a shelter setting and meeting potential adopters can be stressful for them.  If possible, have a separate area with little to no foot traffic or noise for potential adopters to interact with cats they may consider adopting.  This gives the cat(s) a chance to relax and show their potential adopter how great they are!
  • Write creative Petfinder/Adopt-a-Pet posts.  It’s important to have the best pictures you can of the pet to show potential adopters, and many people respond well to humor, especially if it corresponds to the pet’s natural personality.  Cats have lots of personality and humor, so be sure that’s reflected in their descriptions on Petfinder and other cat adoption sites.

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Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.

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  1. I love this article. I visit a lot of shelters in my area and I am happy to say, most have everything mentioned except the business cards. I also noticed that several of our local rescues now have short videos on PetFinder – another great idea.

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