Cat Adoption: Cat About Town Showcases Adoptable Felines

In Corvallis, Oregon a new cat adoption program called Cat For Rent is matching homeless cats with area businesses to help felines find permanent homes.  cat adoptionThe Heartland Humane Society recently began the program as an addition to their foster program.  Cats in the foster program are often those not ready for adoption, for example kittens not old enough to be separated for their mother.

The Cat About Town program is good for adoptable cats and for host businesses.  The cats are not subjected to loud shelter noise and are free to hang out and be themselves in the host business environment.  Since the adoptable cats have temporary homes in the host businesses, it frees up more space in the shelter to allow them to help more homeless cats.

This is good for potential adopters because they’re able to see the cat’s natural personality.  The environment is more relaxed so they’re able to spend time with the cat to see if it’s a good match.

Host businesses often use social media to promote their feline companions to help the cat find a permanent home.  The shelter makes it easy for businesses to sign up for the program.  Business owners fill out an application online, then the shelter staff sets up an interview to match the cat to the business.  Once a match is made, shelter staff delivers supplies for the cat’s care such as a litter box, food, toys and a cage.  The cat is a “resident” at the business location until they are adopted.

Kudos to Heartland Humane Society for this creative cat adoption program!  To read the entire story, go to

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.