Cat Behavior: 8 Cat Boredom Busters

Cat behavior isn’t so different from ours, cats get bored with the same old, same old.  Often, when cats get bored, they get into trouble. They can have Cat Behaviordozens of toys and get tired of them if they’re out all the time.  Here are some suggestions to help keep kitty busy and happy:

  • Provide a variety of toys in different shapes and textures. Some toys are available based upon a cat’s age and development, such as textured toys that encourage a teething kitty to bite and soothe herself.  Teaser toys are a great hit, too.
  • Put away toys after a while so kitty won’t get tired of them and replace them with toys kitty hasn’t seen in a while.
  • Broaden kitty’s horizons by installing shelves at varying heights, window perches and cat trees.
  •  Don’t immediately recycle cardboard boxes – leave them out for kitty to play in or put them together and cut holes to make a tunnel.
  • Keep bird feeders of different types outside windows where kitty likes to gaze.  Wildlife viewing can provide hours of entertainment.
  • Cats need to scratch, even if they’re declawed, so give her a scratching post or two.
  • The saying goes, “one cat always leads to another.”  How about adopting a friend.  Cats in multiple cat homes are rarely lonely, and they may have many adventures together.
  • If kitty likes to watch TV, special DVDs are available with content stimulating to cats.  Here’s one to check out, Cat Sitter II DVD
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Cat behavior, or misbehavior, can also be a request for love and attention from you.  Cuddling, petting, grooming and playtime activities that involve a pet parent help reinforce a loving, affectionate bond and encourage kitty to exercise.

Written by Stephanie Newman

Stephanie Newman

Stephanie is author of the blog, The Musings Of A Crazy Cat Lady, and a freelance writer whose work regularly appears on Stephanie’s work has been featured on Catster and in print in Natural Awakenings Pet – east Michigan and the Oakland Press newspaper. She’s a professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association, Inc. and a member of Pet Professionals for Pet Adoption.