Cat Behavior: Stop Unrolling The Toilet Paper!

Cat behaviorWhen it comes to cat behavior, a favorite trick is unrolling the toilet paper.  Although funny in a way, it is a hassle to clean up.

There are several products on the market that prevent cats, or toddlers, from unrolling toilet paper.  A couple of ones to check out are Safety 1st Toilet Roll Guard and TP Saver.  Both are under $6 and are available through

The products mentioned above work well but can be an inconvenience for others in the house to deal with, so there are a couple of tricks to try to minimize unrolling toilet paper.

One trick is putting the paper on the roller so it dispenses from the bottom rather than the top.  The debate over whether this is the “correct” way of installing the roll has raged for years, I believe in part due to the fact it is harder to unroll when dispensed from the bottom.

Another trick is to squeeze the roll prior to installing it so the inner cardboard liner is not perfectly round.  It will still roll on the dispenser, but not as quickly which takes some of the fun out of the unrolling game.

What works best for me is keeping bathroom doors closed so the toilet paper rolls aren’t a temptation.  Hasn’t failed me yet.

What has worked best for you to stop the “rolling”?

Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.

2 Responses to "Cat Behavior: Stop Unrolling The Toilet Paper!"

  1. Mollie is our TP Terror. We keep the roll in the vanity next to the john in both bathrooms. We hope she will outgrow it, but at age 3, not yet. Out of a thousand years of being owned by cats, she’s the first to attack the roll!

    1. My cat “Party” Marty gets into a lot of things, but so far he’s left the toilet paper alone. I don’t plan on taking any chances, though, so keep all bathroom doors closed to prevent temptation.

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