Cat Behaviors: Normal Or Just Plain Weird?


Even though we may get a kick out of a dog chasing its tail and chalk up such behavior to, “Well, that’s a dog for you,” what about cats? Some cat behavior is a bit strange. I’ve heard stories about cats staring at a blank TV as if to summon a poltergeist-like force into the room to bringing potatoes to their owners from the kitchen. What’s up with that?

Felines truly do live in a world of their own at times, and their seemingly bizarre cat behaviors can be entertaining.  While your cat may have his own set of interesting behaviors, there are a few that are shared universally.

cat behavior

Here are some common cat behaviors and what they possibly mean, as learned from

Cat Behavior 1: The Infamous Head Bonks

Have you ever watched your cat bonk or rub his head up against you or against something?  What he is doing is leaving his signature scent to mark his territory. If he has done this to you, he has marked you not only as important, but also as his personal property.

Just last week I was sitting outside enjoying some warm weather and soaking up the sun when a neighborhood cat waltzed up to me. I had never seen this cat before but he had a collar with identifying information, so I knew he was part of the neighborhood.  Interestingly, he continued to come up to me and rub his fur all over my legs and bump his head into them as well. I hope that suggests he likes me and will return for another visit.

Cat Behavior 2: Phone Fun

Does your cat come running whenever you are on the phone?  Chances are, he thinks you are talking to him, especially if there is no one else in the room.

If you “reward” that behavior by petting and stroking him as you continue your conversation, you are only encouraging him to continue doing this and you may never have a phone call in peace!

Cat Behavior 3: Bathroom Issues

Does your cat instinctively follow you to the potty?  Does he stick his furry paws under the door if you have closed it and left him temporarily behind?

First of all, cats see the closed door as a challenge and will do everything in their power to overcome that limitation.

Secondly, since you are more or less glued to the facilities, cats welcome a captive audience!

Cats tend to mirror their human’s behaviors.  I’ve noticed Marty will use his litter box when I take a potty break.

Cat Behavior 4: Poo-poo behavior

While is it widely thought that cats instinctively cover their feces after taking care of business, many do not, especially unowned roaming ones.  They prefer to leave their stuff out in the open as a way of marking their territory and letting other cats know they own the place.

Some indoor cats leave their feces uncovered in the hopes that other cats – or even you – will admire their production abilities. However, if a mom-cat is neat, tidy and fastidious, prone to covering her poo, her kittens will follow suit and do the same.

What are some of the craziest/silliest/mind-boggling cat behaviors you’ve observed? Comparing notes is always fun!





Written by Ann Butenas

Ann Butenas

An internationally-recognized author and writer, Ann began her professional writing career at age 12 and began speaking while in college. She has been published thousands of times over the past three decades in all media forms, was former editor and publisher of KC Metro Woman magazine, and has also hosted three talk radio shows in the Kansas City area.