Cat Letters To Santa: Has Your Cat Written His Yet?

As Christmas approaches, cats are writing their letters to Santa.  Cats have figured out to get their wishes granted, it’s important to get their letters to Santa early. Here are eight cat letters to Santa that he’s received so far this year:

cat letters to santa


  • Dear Santa, Would you please take these two dogs with you back to the North Pole and not bring them back until next Christmas? It would even be fine to wait until AFTER Christmas. There’s no rush, they are driving me crazy!  Thanks in advance, Marty
  • Dear Santa, Please bring my humans a book about the sounds cats make so they know what I want when I meow at them. Sincerely, Tootles
  • Dear Santa, I would really like a toy mouse for Christmas so I can practice.  The real mouse always get away then point at me and laugh!  Your friend, Bo
  • Dear Santa, Have you ever considered using cats to pull your sleigh instead of using reindeer?  Here are my reasons why this would be a good idea:  We are softer, we eat less, kids will be more likely to leave good snacks for you if they know you’re traveling with a cat, and we make nicer sounds than reindeer.  Please let me know what you think.  Your friend, Oliver
  • Dear Santa, I live in New York City, and I know you prefer visiting houses by coming down the chimney, but we don’t have a chimney, the doorman will have to buzz you into our building.  See you soon!  Sincerely, Mickey
  • Dear Santa, Please bring my humans some new curtains for the house.  I really enjoyed climbing on the old ones, but it was getting quite difficult to find good toeholds because the curtains had so many holes.  My humans were muttering a lot as they took the old curtains down, and they never put up any new ones!  The lack of good curtains to climb is causing me problems when I’m trying to check out what’s on top of the cabinet!  Thank you, Henri
  • Dear Santa,  I hope you visit me soon!  I’ve been a good cat so far this year, but it’s getting harder by the day!  Please hurry!  Your kitty friend, Harley
  • Dear Santa,  Would you please bring my humans a kitten?  It’s really tough for me being cute all the time.  Thank you, Minnie

What is your cat wishing for this year? I hope all of these cats get their wishes granted by Santa this Christmas. Santa will do his best to make your cat’s wish come true!


Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.