Cat Only Veterinary Practices

cat friendly veterinary

Going to the vet is often a very stressful event for cats, but if you have a cat only veterinary practice in your area, it can definitely make the visit better.

After taking my cat Bo to a dog/cat vet and not seeing any improvement in his health, I found a cat only veterinary practice in my area.  The doctor examined him, told me what she thought the problem was, had blood work done to confirm, and set up a course of treatment for Bo.

I had a few more years with my beloved boy that wouldn’t have been possible had I not found the cat only veterinary practice.

Quieter, Safer Environment

The environment in these practices is quieter and calmer.  No dogs are present to scare cat patients, and there’s no barking or jumping around that often happens when dogs enter the mix.

Although still not a place your cat really wants to be, the calmer environment definitely help reduce his stress.

The decor of the office is often tailored toward feline patients, with a variety of perches and windows to look out while they’re waiting for the doctor to arrive.  This is also a great stress reliever.

Broader Knowledge of Cat Disorders

Since cat only veterinary practices work exclusively with cats, the doctors are able to more deeply study feline health, so tend to be more knowledgeable about cat disorders and new courses of treatment.

It my Bo’s case, this definitely worked in his favor.  The original vet I took him to said Bo would be dead in a few months from kidney disease.  As it turned out, he had an overactive thyroid.  With medication, he lived over two more years.

Finding A Cat Friendly Veterinary Practice

If you’re looking for a Cat Friendly Practice, go to the American Association of Feline Practitioners website,, to find practices in your area.

The site lists practices in North and South American and the Caribbean.


If your cat is extremely stressed during vet visits, or if you are looking for a veterinarian that specializes in cats to help with your cat’s health needs, I highly recommend seeking a cat friendly practice.

It can make a world of difference to you and your cat!




Written by Karen


Karen is Publisher of Fully Feline. She also owns a pet care business in Overland Park, KS called Joy of Living.